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by nickfloro, 09/08/2016

Monica: I’m telling—If you put that in her apartment you’ll never hear the end of it.

Rachel: Okay fine! I’ll-I’ll just tell her it’s an antique apothecary table, she doesn’t have to know where it came from. Oh! Look at this little drawers! Oh look-look it says that it holds 300 CDs.

Chandler: Ahh, just like the apothecary tables of yore…

[Scene: The Hallway between the apartments, Joey, Janine, Chandler, and Monica are returning from a double date. Chandler is telling a joke.]

Chandler: …so then the farmer says, “That’s not a cow and you’re not milking it.” (Everyone laughs.)

Monica: I am so glad you guys got together, Chandler and I are always looking for a couple to go out with and now we have one!

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